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Book 1

Join us on an unforgettable adventure in the first book of The Adventures of Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small book series, The Mystery of the Lost Map!

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Book 2

In the second book of The Adventures of Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small series, the boys and their friends encounter The Dancing Otters of Fiddlin’ Creek.

The Adventures of Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small

Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small are two feisty, courageous brothers with a hankering for adventures with their horses Ned and Ted, their dogs Red and Fred, their fleas Itch and Scratch, and their cattle Brawny Bull and Helen Heifer. While the two sometimes fuss and fight, there’s no denying that they’re the best of friends. Through every adventure, the mischievous boys face foes with the help of their loyal and trustworthy friends. To join Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small as they build confidence, learn the true value of honesty, and bravely conquer their fears, grab your boots and cowboy hat and come along for the ride!

About the Author

Jim Rhoden is the founder, chairman and principal owner of Futren Hospitality, which owns and manages private clubs and golf clubs in the greater Atlanta area. Throughout his long career, he has developed and managed major real estate projects in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, and believes strongly in giving back to his community.

He is also a talented and prolific storyteller who has amused two generations of kids with tales about his favorite characters, Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small, who love to explore the world around them.

Collaborator Mickey Goodman is a veteran memoirist, ghostwriter, and journalist with more than seven hundred bylined articles in scores of national and regional publications. She has also coauthored five books.