Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small Have Fans!

LitPick Review:
“If you want to read a great story, then The Mystery of the Lost Map is just the book for you! It’s only 92 pages and has colorful pictures at the beginning of each chapter that hint at the action that’s coming up next. I liked how the pictures help readers feel like they literally are experiencing the Wild West along with the characters.

The simple way the book’s written would be easy for 4-10-year-olds to follow, and words they may not understand such as fig’ur, passel, or vittles are explained in a short glossary at the end. The Southwestern twang in the dialogue makes the book fun to read, and it would be extra entertaining if it could be read out loud with a different voice used for each character.

I think many of us have grown up thinking about the Wild West as a place for shoot-outs, robberies, and battles between cowboys and Indians, so I think the best part of this story is how it shows off how people in a family, community, and even from a different culture can work together politely and respectfully to figure out a problem so that the whole community can benefit from the situation.

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