Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small Have Fans!

LitPick Review:“If you want to read a great story, then The Mystery of the Lost Map is just the book for you! It’s only 92 pages and has colorful pictures at the beginning of each chapter that hint at the action that’s coming up next. I liked how the pictures help readers feel like they literally are experiencing the Wild West along with the characters. The simple way the book’s written would be easy for…

Welcome to Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small’s blog!
We hope you’ll visit often and join in on the short quizzes and new stories coming soon. Maybe you’ll even share a story about a mystery you solved like finding that lost sneaker in the dog’s bed. Let’s begin with a small quiz: What is the name of Cowboy Little’s horse? What is the name of Cowboy Small’s dog? What other animals go on all their adventures?