The Outdoor Life

Can you imagine your world without smart phones, TV, computers and tablets?

When Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small were growing up, electronics hadn’t been invented. They didn’t even have a telephone at their house. Or store-bought board games, balls and toys. Or bikes.

So mostly, they played outdoors. Since all the kids lived on ranches that were far, far apart, it wasn’t easy to have play dates. Sometimes friends would ride their horses to the Circle R Ranch to play hide and seek or watch Itch and Scratch have a jumpin’ flea contest.

Other times, Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small would ride Ned and Ted to their l friend’s ranch to play tag, kick-the-can or have a horse race. But most of the time, they stayed on the Circle R and used their imaginations to create new games.


What games do you like to play outdoors?

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